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About This Course

Our meticulously crafted program offers insights into the stock market, commodities, equities, and the art of making effective trading decisions, ensuring you're equipped with skills to navigate market complexities. Course Highlights: 1. Stock Market Essentials: Understand the foundational principles governing the stock market's intricate landscape. 2. Commodity & Equity Dynamics: Grasp the core concepts of commodities and equities, setting a solid base for advanced trading. 3. Option Trading Mastery: Dive deep into option trading strategies, optimizing your trading portfolio for maximum returns. 4. Technical Analysis Tools: Learn the importance of charts, patterns, and indicators to predict market movements with confidence. 5. Strategize Like a Pro: Immerse yourself in powerful trading strategies that experienced traders swear by. 6. Independent Trading Journey: Equip yourself with skills to trade confidently without relying on external tips o

Skills You’ll Learn

Stock Market basics
Commodity & Equity basics
Option Trading strategies
Technical Analysis

Top 4 Benefits From This Course

Independent Trading
Powerful Trading strategies
Expert Support
Expert Support


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Lesson 1:

2:14 Hours

Session 1-mcx Intro

Mcx Types in Details

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Lesson 2:

2:02 Hours

MCX -2

Types of Trading

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Lesson 3:

1:52 Hour

Equity intro-1

16th june 2023

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Lesson 4:

2:06 Hours

FNO concepts

17th june 2023

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Lesson 5:

1:37 Hour

Index trading-2

18th June 2023

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Lesson 6:

2:05 Hours

Option Trading concepts

19th June 2023

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Lesson 7:

2:26 Hours

Technical analysis-1

21st june 2023

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Lesson 8:

2:15 Hours

Multi Timeframe Analysis

22nd June 2023

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Lesson 9:

2:19 Hours

Type of Traders

23rd june 2023

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Lesson 10:

1:37 Hour

Type of Trading methods

24th june 2023

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Lesson 11:

2:24 Hours

Powerful Chart patterns

26th June 2023

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Lesson 12:

52:26 Minutes



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Lesson 13:

2:22 Hours

27th June 2023

27th June 2023

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Lesson 14:

1:27 Hour

how to use alicblue trading account


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Lesson 15:

1:58 Hour

Fibonacci concept

28th June 2023

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Meet Mohan Raj


The journey of a dedicated mechanical engineer turned distinguished stock market trader is truly an inspiring tale. Beginning his trading pursuits at the tender age of 19, he quickly recognized the potential and challenges of the stock market. After

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Customer Review

Paid member
" I am happy to share my experience which I learned from your course that totally changed my Share Market perspectives and given more confidence to make long run with market, Support from your end is tremendous and instant.... The knowledge that you feed for us is definitely a worth and i am still thinking that how you're giving this much of knowledge stuff for these price. Definitely a worthy classes more then your charged..... Thanks bro from my bottom of heart..... Keep rocking on your way...... Thanks giving as a happy client"
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"I had the pleasure of attending mohan’s share market classes, and I must say it was a truly enriching experience. His expertise and passion for the subject shone through every session. Throughout the course, mohan’s demonstrated a deep understanding of the complexities of the Indian share market, and he skillfully imparted that knowledge to us. His teaching style was engaging and interactive, making even the most intricate concepts easy to grasp. "
Madhi madhi
Paid member
"I'm also a beginner and after completing this course I'm don't feel like a beginner because the way of mohan brother teaching is very very awesome he gives more knowledge for this affordable price and this course is very valuable course for beginner and intermediates . Now I can analysis the chart and trend without any doubt , the commodities sessions and equity technical analysis are all the sessions are very great teaching by mohan and , knowledgefull for all ,very valuable course and Great teaching mohan bro"