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About This Course

Build Your Legacy: Speaking Inspiration with CA. Sanket Jain is an eye-opening adventure that awakens the powerful communicator in you. In 11 hours+ total time over 7 sessions (an average of 1 hour 30 minutes of training a day), Sanket trains you to find and confidently speak your truth, captivate any person or audience with your natural charisma, and channel your deepest emotions to inspire, persuade, and motivate the people around you. Every session comes with a self practice exercise and each lesson teaches you a small yet powerful nuance of masterful speaking. As the days go by, you pick up more and more advanced skills and by session 8, you will likely be one of the powerful speakers in your organization. Even if you’re nerve-wracked or introverted. Even if you’re completely inexperienced. Even if you think communication isn’t your strong point - let Sanket guide you through the process and you’ll emerge with the breathtaking ability to speak inspiration.

Skills You’ll Learn

Effortless Communication
Story Telling
Audience Psychology
Inspirational Speaking

Top 4 Benefits From This Course

Power Your Voice
Developing communication mindset
Inspiring your listeners
Persuade your listeners


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Lesson 1:

1:36 Hour

Discover Your Voice

Power of Your Voice, Discover Your Voice, Creating Value

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Lesson 2:

2:07 Hours

Journey of Your Gift

Finding Authenticity, Speak Your Legacy

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Lesson 3:

47:31 Minutes

Impacting Listener - Part 1

Managing Fear, Clarity and Conviction, Types of Speaker, Inspiring Lives

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Lesson 4:

1:01 Hour

Impacting Listener - Part 2

Managing Fear, Clarity and Conviction, Types of Speaker, Inspiring Lives

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Lesson 5:

2:16 Hours

The Presentation Muscle - Part 1

Sandwich Technique, Opening and Closing

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Lesson 6:

1:38 Hour

The Presentation Muscle - Part 2

Active Listening, Creating Dialogue

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Lesson 7:

1:44 Hour

The Presentation Muscle - Part 3

Valley Journey, Verbal Highlighting, Secrets of Effective Presentation

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Lesson 8:

2:13 Hours

Bonus - Build Your Legacy

Secrets of High Impact Videos

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Meet CA. Sanket Jain


CA. Sanket Jain stands as one of India's foremost Transformational Speakers and Life Coaches. With a profound understanding of human engineering, rooted in extensive research on human behavior, he offers a unique and practical approach. Driven by an

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Customer Review

Sunita Singh
Paid member
"This course has been life transforming for me. I cannot even express how much this has helped me and I strongly believe that this is a program that everyone must watch. Despite attending many programs and watching various courses, I have never come across something as impactful as this. Thank you and your team for this wonderful course."
Satish Kumar
Paid member
"I was invited to share the stage today in a seminar in my city, Prayagraj. I had severe stage fright every other time and my legs and hands started shaking. But today, I spoke confidently and received many appreciations. I am so thankful to Mr. Sanket for this amazing course."
Kshama Yachana
Paid member
"I came to this program with only one big question that how can I get rid of my fear that what if I say something wrong in front of the public. During this course, Sanket Sir helped me not only manage my fear but also enhanced my speaking through his techniques. Now I deliver seminars across the country. Coming from a small town of North East, this is like a dream come true for me to be heard by thousands of people."