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About This Course

Indian homes, often challenged by limited square footage, require innovative solutions to ensure both a spacious feel and adequate storage. This course, designed with Indian households in mind, introduces participants to a treasure trove of space-saving tactics and organizational methodologies, aimed at transforming your living space. Key Takeaways: 1. Space-saving Strategies: Dive deep into efficient design and layout hacks that can instantly make any room appear bigger and more inviting. 2. Hidden Storage Solutions: Unlock the secrets of creating concealed storage spaces that not only declutter but also enhance your home’s aesthetics. 3. Multi-functional Ideas: Discover furniture and design elements that serve multiple purposes, allowing for versatility without compromising on space. 4. Expert Organization Tips: Learn how to efficiently organize your belongings, ensuring easy access while keeping your home tidy. 5. Interior Design Insights: Immerse

Skills You’ll Learn

Space saving
Multi-functional ideas
Hidden Storage
Organisation Tips

Top 4 Benefits From This Course

Learn interior design
Learn tips and tricks
Hidden storage ideas
Space saving hacks


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Lesson 1:

3:01 Hours


This course will clear the basic concept of Lighting design in interiors. It has 10 parts

Perks For You

Comprehensive Handbook: A detailed handbook filled with visuals and DIY hacks to refer to and implement.
Access a range of downloadable resources, ensuring you have a ready reference anytime you plan a space overhaul.
Be privy to a curated list of innovative ideas, each designed to address specific space challenges unique to Indian homes.
Stay updated with the latest in space-saving and organizational strategies through our periodic updates, ensuring your home is always at its best.

Meet Sonika Khurana


With 13 years of experience in the Interior Design Industry,I have designed many happy homes! With designing being my biggest passion, I now love to share all that I know about designing homes through my Instagram handle! I may be able to design a fi

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