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Futures and Options

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No Random Trades


Quant backed Trading Ideas


Positive expectancy of returns


Tight Risk Management

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1. You will get Index Option & Future trades Backed by Quant model 2.There will be 3-5 calls in a weeks. 3.You can see expect 50-60% accuracy with 1:3 Risk to reward ratio. so, one still have Positive expected Outcome.

Quant Based Trading Idea: Which Help trade to make systematic trades
Positive Expectancy : All model has on average Positive expectancy of returns.
Real Time Update: Real time Trade Updates for all Entries & Exits.
Risk Management: You will get Very timely notification for Exits

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Meet Patel Abhikumar



Abhikumar Patel is Co-founder of Algobazar. He has expertises in developing quant based algo models. He has worked with Family offices, Brokerage houses & Pop desk as Research Analyst. He is Quant based researcher who has been developing Trading /In

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