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Navigating the digital realm requires a blend of creativity, strategic insight, and technical prowess. Whether you're a budding content creator or looking to enhance your digital footprint, our comprehensive course offers a holistic approach to transform your content journey. Dive into the intricate processes of video editing, leverage algorithm hacks for optimal visibility, ensure your content is SEO-friendly, and master the art of both long and short-format content creation. Key Offerings: 1. Video Editing Mastery: Equip yourself with advanced video editing techniques to craft visually compelling stories. 2. Algorithm Hacks: Unlock the secrets to boosting your content's visibility and engagement on various platforms. 3. SEO Essentials: Ensure your content ranks at the top, driving organic traffic and increasing visibility. 4. Diverse Content Creation: Master the nuances of creating content that resonates, be it bite-sized posts or in-depth articles. 5.

Skills You’ll Learn

Video editing
Algorithm Optimisation
Content creation

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Video Editing
Monetization Strategies
Social Media Insights
Strategic Product Marketing

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Participate in a live session with Shivam, gleaning direct insights and clarifications.

Meet Shivam Malik


Top 10 Youtube Shorts Creator | 8M+ Instagram Followers | 8.5m+ Youtube Subscribers

Hello everyone, I'm Shivam Malik, India's leading social media influencer. My path to success was far from conventional. Starting as a Decathlon salesman and later in a junior role at a bank, I hustled hard. I'd even hide in the office restroom to ed

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