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Our service is tailor-made for discerning investors like you who seek value and sustainability in their portfolios. Here's what sets us apart: Key Features: 1. 2-3 Calls Every Month: Quality over quantity is our mantra. We provide you with 2-3 carefully selected calls each month, ensuring that each recommendation aligns with your long-term investment goals. 2. 20-25 Research Ideas: Dive into a wealth of research ideas that span a holding duration of 1 to 2 years. Our recommendations are meticulously crafted to help you build a robust portfolio. 3. Exit Calls: We believe in transparency. When it's time to exit a position, we provide you with clear and timely exit calls to protect your gains. 4. Market Cap Focus: Our expertise lies in the sweet spot of market capitalization, with a focus on companies with a market cap between 100 Cr and 5000 Cr. What You Can Expect: • Expert Analysis: Benefit from the insights of our seasoned market experts. Their deep

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2 - 3 calls month
Research ideas
Exit calls
Market Cap

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